Monday, February 14, 2011

FM-loose in Scappoose

Scappoose OR, doing stop signs a little different.
During mid October 2010 I stumbled across an advertisement on craigslist in Scappoose OR.  The ad was for various xt,tt, and sr frames, motors, parts, name it and it was listed for just over $1000.  I hollered at Wolfdick and we devised a quick plan and borrowed Ty's sweet new right hand drive Toyota Hiace and headed down to Oregan after a days work.  We got close to Portland and saw this cool pub that was called "The Lighthouse Inn".  Two birds with one stone we thought.  Turns out it was strictly a pub, no INN at all.  No big deal we thought, it would be cool to stay right in Portland in the downtown and see what hip people do in that city, but we quickly realized it was a bit too pricey.
So we grabbed a few tall cans and headed for a Best Western by the airport where we got shut down, no rooms?  So we found a cheap place with a TV, parking, and a continental breakfast. In the AM we headed towards Scappoose where Bill was waiting with XT glory.  We rolled in just after 10 and didn't leave until around 1 PM.  He had a lot of cool bikes, tools, and cars.  He even had an Australian Ford Falcon model, the same model used in the OG MadMax.  We ended up getting out with around 12-14 complete wheel sets, 7 frames, 4 dessert tanks, lots of usable rubber, 2 SR motors, a bunch of XT/TT motors, a ridiculous bundle of cables, some cool bars, a million front and rear shocks, a number of exhausts, and bunch of other gems.  He also had a few other nice old Yamaha's for sale, we didn't have the room as you can tell by looking at Ty's truck, it was an epic packing job, every possible hole or crack was jammed with a loose exhaust pipes, wheels, shocks, tanks, motors or air box's, Bill even helped up pack it all up and tie it down.  He told me to keep his number because apparently he had another stash of bikes and parts at his cabin.  We pushed home for Canada at the Hiace's top speed of 125 km/h (fully loaded).  When we got to the boarder the customs officer didn't even ask us what we had, he just assumed whatever was under the tarp wasn't worth his trouble, I don't blame him.  A side note, we had to try and find windshield wiper blades for that weird Japanese truck we were driving and it took every NAPA employee in the joint to figure it out.  Good trip, good score.  Leave the key in the T.  



  1. RAD ! i could use a good xt 500 front wheel !.....rim......!....tt500 yellow front fender ...rear fender side cover ......Dean

  2. Wow, i had been waiting to see these photos. After the dunes, i need new bars, front wheel, chain, air box. You dudes got a catolouge yet?