Friday, February 25, 2011

Split my face case

Ok, said fuck you aftermarket frame and went out to Gus Shop last night with Ash and picked up my wishbone frame. Man he did such a nice job on it, cut out the old down tubes ( someone had made a home job straightleg) and replaced them with proper wishbone 1- 1/8th tubing with the stock bends, Gus and Ashley had to make a special jig to bend up the tubing. My axle plates were bent out of shape from an old mechanical brake locking up, and he replaced my crossover tube with a stock one he had laying around the shop. I wanted the head tube left as is, it's raked about 5/8 of an inch and I'm running an 8 over wide glide front end. Got back to the shop and threw the rear wheel and front end on, and stood there with a big smile, it sits just perfect.
Also tore the top end off my motor and had a look at the heads and jugs. All in all it is looking pretty good. Took it all to Gus for his opinion, barrel just needs a hone, using old piston with new rings, and the heads were fine. The kicker was that my male connecting rod was to tight. Gus gave me a 50/50 could be fine, or if you run it hard the connecting rod could tighten up on the crank, and the crank could walk it self over in the case and do some damage. I told him to split the cases and have a look at the oil pump as well. He said it would be about a month till he could get at it's Triumph time for the next few weeks. Here is a few shots of the pan motor and the T100C Triumph motor i just got back from the polishers. I'm just waiting on connecting rod bearings for the T100C and then it's getting bolted back up.

I knew i was going to have to split those dam cases. ~T.L.~


  1. Sweet !........keep em coming TYE !.......pic of the before during after photos please !........

  2. "it's raked about 5/8 of an inch and I'm running an 8 over wide glide front end."


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  4. I will post a before pic of my bike. I could not reach the foot pegs, i was small man on pan. That bike is loud as fuck and quick, with a 140 pound dude on it. The bike can't even feel me. American shit is huge and heavy. Im into it. TL