Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shadbolt Cams

The cam lobes on this T100C motor I'm doing were all pitted. I spoke with Al at British Isle cycle in Duncan and he recommended that i take my cams to Chadbolt, in Vancouver. I priced out new cams and after shipping and getting hit with duty from the man, i figured i would give a local company my business. I took my cams in and spoke with Marco Campos, a real nice guy. He let me take a few flicks and walked me through the process.

After going to Chadbolt Cams i would give them my business in the future. If you had a cam that would be hard to replace, or wanted them to give you a little more punch and turn your old cam into a high lifting bad ass cam...they could do that.
For the T100C motor, they ground of 4 thou, from each lobe. I was going to have them add some material to my cam lobe and give me some punch, but the price was going up and up, and buying a brand new high lift cam should of been my answer at that point.
All said and done....cool shop, nice guy, local!

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