Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mock Up? F-U

I find it so funny when i go to some sites and check the photos of peoples builds. Lots of XS stuff, Triumph chops, shit that looks good and some that looks just horrible. My point is, i find peoples mock up photos hilarious! The title of the post will be Triumph Chop Build, for example. This so called mock up, will be of a rim or maby 2 sitting on the ground between a frame with a front end leaning up against the head tube of the bike, ready to fall at any moment. A tank sitting on top of this frame, with some green painters tape holding it to the top tube. That's not a fucking mock up! I just find it funny how keen people are to get there "build" out in virtual land. I'm not trying to knock people, I'm just saying before you post a photo of your project, take some time to get to know her. Throw some wheels on her at least, let her spread those wings. The Internet sucks, here is my "mock up" with wheels and a motor and all.
It's fucking raining again...T.L.   shop clean up today bra's....bro's


  1. going to be better when it's starts and im on it rollin. I just got another tank and fender to throw on and see if im digging on it. T.L.