Saturday, February 12, 2011

the whipsaw

 Thomas is picking at a deeply infected elbow with a serious case of blood poisoning. We had to stop at the hospital so he could get IV antibiotics. it was so huge and shinny but Thomas is a trooper
 We met up with this lineup of 5 samurais, the vehicle of choice in this region outside Princeton. Later a ways up the trail we had to go around these deep mud pits just big enough to drive a samurai through.
We stopped here and had a beer while these guys pounded rum and cokes and told stories and shared info about the trails ahead
 We made Curt park his honda away from our XT grouping. We stopped here at this cabin in the middle of nowhere. The cabin was on the edge of this open grass field surrounded by tall trees.

 My ankle was so sore here because i still couldn't start my bike without it kicking me half the time. I was being a big baby.
We got instructions and a map to a place on top of a mountain where we could camp but the map let us to a clearcut area and most of the dudes brought hammock tents. We had the bright idea to take this acid i had and we would just ride until we couldn't ride anymore and camp there. For the first 15 minutes we rode up a trail that led to a dead end and thomas tried to ride his xt up a big didn't work. Ashley fell over 3 times in 10minutes because the ground was small shifty sticks. we found a spot and had a huge fire.

We build this fire on the edge of a cliff and ate steak nuggets and later hot boxed thomas' XTent.

 Things got crazy and ashley kept kicking the fire and jumping over it. Later in the night we saw curt hacking at the tree in the background and tempted him to chop it down in exchange for an elcamino he wouldn't stop talking about. we all took turns chopping at it for the next couple hours and brought it down at the hands of andrew, who we dragged out of bed to deliver the finishing blow. Also we tried all night to get Curt to burn this sweater of his....he wouldn't do it.
Fire on the edge of a cliff