Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Four prong long dong

I had to make this funny looking tool on Valentines day, because i just love my Pan and wanted her to get some TLC. My primary cover was in need of repair, it was all cracked to hell, so i decided to focus on that. The clutch hub came off with no problems using an impact, but i was looking at my compensator spring, it's a flat surface with 4 holes in it that holds on a huge fuck off spring. I noticed the tool on line was about a 100 bucks, so i went to work and made my own shit version. I stuck the handle of an old screw driver into my primary chain, to stop my clutch hub from moving. Then i placed my 4 prong tool where it needed to go, closed my eyes and reefed on that fucker, and presto...primary is apart...started tig welding some holes and cracks, need to clean them up more and pull out the black brush paint. ~T.L.~

1 comment:

  1. sweet !...a clutch plate with a handle welded to it works well !.....good work T -"slice"