Wednesday, February 23, 2011

S.F. and FU mock-up

Went to San Fran for some beer and coffee. Kegan i was thinking of you. Here are a few photos of my trip to. S.F. has some great coffee, Blue Bottle, Sight Glass, Four barrel, and Trouble....all amazing! The De Young museum is amazing, really cool view of the city. And had some delicious brew.
Really nice gold leaf..

De Young, from the top deck...
Shootin from the hip, my main man rollin dirty..
Said FU mock up, and pulled my motor and tranny. Well ripped the entire bike down to nothing, every nut and bolt. Was going to stick with what i had and work around that frame, but I'm not into the aftermarket shit. I should be getting my wishbone frame back from Gus Shop in a week, so i decided to pull my motor and give her a once over. Popped the tins off last night, going to pull the jugs and see if the connecting rods have any play at the crank. If no, a bit of top end work and I'm in business. If yes, i throw some cash at Gus Shop and wait. Thanks for the help W.D.
Keep it real, split the cases!  T.L.


  1. got whole gary bang gasket sets end gasket sets ....lots of small pan stuff if ya need it Tyler ...glad Ya shit canned the "After market shit !......keep it real deal !.......

  2. I know.....HA .Ty
    Dean..will take you up on that.